Here you can find a list of the most common solutions related to MOB+. If none of the answers below solves your problem, contact us.

Read installation guide for boats without existing kill switch. If this does not sui your needs or is applicable, contact your local retailer or FELL Support for more information.

Install a suitable power source (10 – 32Vdc). We recommend that this is done by skilled or professional personnel only.

Extend the wires using at least 20 AWG (0.75mm2) wire gauge and waterproof butt splices in the correct size.

This is normal behavior as the advanced WiMEA® Protocol automatically detects when you are too far out of range or has fallen into the water, and disconnects

-Pair your xFOB with your xHUB

-Cannot pair successfully: change the battery in your xFOB

-Cannot connect/pair: switch OFF the main power source to the xHUB, wait 10 seconds before switching it on.

-Try to connect/pair again.

-Connection/pairing still not working: contact FELL support.

-Make sure the correct wires were chosen when the xHUB was installed. Please see the section Installing FELL Marine MOB+ for instructions on how to properly install your MOB+ System.

-Try to pair/connect another xFOB if available

-Contact FELL support

This problem could indicate an issue with the power supplied to the device.
Check these points to attempt to troubleshoot the cause of the power issue:

-Make sure the power source is generating power. For example, you can check whether other devices powered by the source are functioning

-Check the fuse on the power cable. The fuse should be located where the system is connected to power. You can test the fuse by connecting a multimeter to both ends and if the fuse is good the multimeter will read 0 ohms.

-Check to make sure the device is receiving at least 10 volts

-Check that all wires to the xHUB is connected properly and has not corroded, if in need contact your local boat workshop.

-If the device is receiving enough power but does not turn on and all the other points in this troubleshooter is tried, contact FELL Support.

-Check the battery status of your xFOB

-Make sure to be within 5 meter range from the xHUB

-Make sure the xHUB reacts normally to connection, disconnection and MOOR Mode when the two above are checked. If not, contact FELL Support.

-Check if you are in vicinity of a high-energy transmitting device, and disclose this when contacting FELL Support

-Make sure you/others did not click the xHUB whilst driving/running the engine.

-Check that the power source to the xHUB is stable (12-24Vdc), if in need contact your local boat workshop.

-Check that the xHUB operates normally after this incident, if not contact FELL Support.

-Make sure you are within 5 meter from the xHUB

-Make sure you are clicking the correct (the connected) xFOB

-Check that the battery cover was properly closed

-Stop using the xFOB

Contact FELL Support or use another xFOB

MOB+ is designed to give freedom to experience boating to the fullest. The system should have a robust connection within 5 meters and even more on most boats. Should you however experience shorter range than 5 meter you should check the following points:

1. Make sure your MOB+ system is installed according to the instructions in the section Installing FELL Marine MOB+.

2. Ensure that your xFOB has a functioning, well-powered battery inside. Check the battery status lights on your MOB+ xHUB and replace the battery if needed.